Can you clarify this part on Henry's quote on the last conversation: "And she's not kinda' your sister but also your grandma?"

No problem!

Henry’s Family Tree Lesson Y’all.

So since Regina is Snow’s mom by marriage and Henry’s mom by adoption, that kinda’ makes Snow and Henry siblings, even though Snow’s also his grandma.

That’s not a serious point of course since they would never consider each other siblings and it doesn’t really work like that (under the circumstances anyway) but I love taking potshots at Henry’s Whomping Willow of a family tree.

Emma: So you have a sibling.
Elsa: Yes! Her name is Anna and--
Emma: And she's not weirdly 28+ years younger than you because of magical time stoppage?
Elsa: No?
Regina: And she didn't appear from nowhere to try and take away everything you love?
Elsa: What?
Henry: And she's not kinda' your sister but also your grandma?
Elsa: God, no! Are these all things that actually happened?
Emma: Oh yeah. This is gonna' be a rough few weeks for you, I can tell.

Do you know anywhere to watch season 3 of ouat?

Ask me off anon so I can message you!

If you happen to be at all interested in why Snow is a princess and not a queen (as I was in the tags of the last convo) check out this essay by silvergryphon which has a super in depth take on it and is more well written than actual homework I’ve done this week.

Elsa: Who dares approach my--
Regina: Oh good, you're home! I was worried I would have to come back later. Anyway, I'm Regina. Welcome to Storybrooke!
Elsa: I'm sorry, how did you get past the snow golems?
Regina: That's not important. What *is* important is that there's finally another queen in Storybrooke! Do you know how tedious it is to be surrounded by princesses all the time? I mean, they're perfectly nice, don't get me wrong, but--
Elsa: Wait, is that a fruit basket?
Regina: Oh, yeah! Apples. I didn't know what kind you liked so I grabbed a bunch. We are gonna' be such great friends!
Elsa: But I'm laying waste to your town!
Regina: Oh, I was doing that a little while back. Fun right? So are you more of a Honey Crisp or Granny Smith kind of woman?
Elsa: I don't understand what's happening right now.

Hook: How come Elsa gets to be hot in her movie and I don't?
Emma: Excuse me?
Hook: You heard me. How come she gets the sexy dress and I get the stupid mustache?
Emma: Seriously? She's trying to kill us all and that's your reaction?
Hook: Have you seen that dress?!?
Emma: Hook, I say this with all the sincerity in the world.
Hook: Don't.
Emma: You really need to--
Hook: Stop.
Emma: Let--
Hook: Swan.
Emma: It--
Hook: No.
Emma: Go.
Hook: I hate you.

Emma: OK. With Elsa running around freezing stuff, we need to keep everyone inside as much as possible until we sort things out, agreed?
Snow: Of course.
Charming: Naturally.
Gold: Obviously.
Emma: Henry?
Henry: It's just that the wait to meet her at Disney World is soooo looooong and you never take me there anyway so--
Emma: You have got to be kidding me.
Henry: Just one picture?
Emma: Oh yeah. I'll be sure to ask her if she minds posing for a picture between attempts to not become a Popsicle.
Henry: And maybe if she knows where Anna is too--

I feel like I missed something with the one about Emma giving Gold the wedding presents? Could you explain it? (sorry, i'm kinda slow).

It’s part of a running joke that Gold when he’s in his FTL form is essentially a lizard. That was the first time Emma’s seen him in that form so she’s teasing him about it by getting him dragon/dino themed movies.

Emma: But I loved him!
Hook: He was a flying monkey, Swan.
David: You were going to marry someone? Aww!
Snow: Our little girl was in love with someone!
Henry: I liked how happy he made her.
Emma: It was like a really good dream.
Emma: We went out for drinks and he helped Henry with stuff and he said he loved me…
Hook: All right that’s it. I give up.
David: Hook? Where are you going?
Hook: Town line. Going to get myself turned into a monkey. Bloody hell.

Emma: Congratulations on the wedding! Here, I got you something.
Gold: Thank you Ms. Swan.
Emma: Come on! Aren't you gonna' open it?
Gold: Desolation of Smaug, Jurassic Park box set, How to Train Your Dragon?
Emma: The last one is for Belle but I'm thinking she's already had that locked down for a while.
Gold: How long have you been sitting on that one?
Emma: Literally all week man.