Regina: So my mother almost married your father?
Snow: Yes.
Regina: And when that didn’t work she waited for about two decades, killed your mother, then had me marry your father?
Snow: Yes.
Regina: And your father never thought to mention to me that he almost married my mother?
Snow: Apparently not.
Regina: Our parents are weird.
Snow: Yup.

Hook: Swan, I know you're not really Sheriff anymore but I need your help dealing with a...let's say public disturbance.
Emma: What's going on?
Hook: Your mother is currently hanging out of a car yelling "two for two" and something about her "magical uterus" to everyone on Main Street.
Emma: Oh God. Where's David?
Hook: Who do you think's driving the car?
Snow: The Savior *and* a magical time travel baby! Suck it bitches!
Emma: I have never missed New York more than I do right now.

y do u hate regina???? ps. love the blog

I’m glad that you like it!

And it’s not that I hate Regina.

I just hate the way she’s handled. If they made her a straight villain I’d be fine or if they gave her a slower, more realistic redemption arc I’d be fine but the way they did it makes no sense to me.

So now she’s just a reluctant part of the gang like this is Mean Girls and she hasn’t tried to kill almost every member of that family at some point. Actions should have realistic consequences and, for the most part, I don’t think Regina’s have.

I love Lana and her line deliveries and she’d probably be one of my favorite characters if not for the stuff above.  

Have you thought about tagging characters in the conversations? Not retroactively, of course, but just as a start for something like a catalogue.

I do tag the characters in the conversations!

I mean, not very consistently (I can never remember whether to use Killian or Hook for example) but I do it along with the episode title (except for the month when I just started an completely forgot to).

It just doesn’t show on the blog because of the theme.

I might get the opportunity to (very briefly) interview some of the OUAT cast/creators this Saturday. What are the questions that fandom is sick of hearing about? (The obnoxiously over asked ones that I should avoid.)

Oh, wow. That sounds like fun!

And I remember seeing a post on that topic last con season but I can’t find it right now and it’s driving me crazy.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t ask any shippy questions but that’s just me. Also, they get asked what other fairy tales they want to use a lot so maybe not that.

I’ll put this one up to the followers. Any suggestions?

i'm searching for the scene where grace found blood on jeffs telescope and he just said than "who wants tea" :)

Hey guys. I got this ask sometime last week and I’ve checked but I can’t find this scene anywhere.

Do any of you guys know where to find this scene? 

What do you think or Hook and of Captain swan? :)
what do you ship???
I saw both of these questions at the same time so I’ll answer them together.
Last season I was not very keen on Hook but I’ve warmed up to him a little. That has more to do with Colin than Hook himself though.
As for shipping, I’m not opening that can of worms on this blog. Questions like that are for my personal blog.

Emma: Wait Hook, you’re telling me that Blackbeard was in the Enchanted Forest?
Hook: Yes.
Emma: Okay, I passed high school history. He’s definitely from this world.
Emma: I mean, not even that long ago. Like three hundred years. It’s not even a question that he existed here.
Emma: So who else is gonna show up in the Enchanted Forest? Shakespeare? Lincoln? Helen Keller?
Hook: So the part where I have been cursed to take away your magic if we kiss isn't what concerns you?
Emma: Blackbeard?! Really?!

Emma: What is this? Spanish?
Regina: Spanish? What the hell kind of Spanish did you learn in high school? This is Elvish.
Emma: Elvish? I may not know anything about Spanish but I know Elvish and this isn't it.
Regina: How the hell would you know?
Emma: Multiple marathon viewings of all 11+ hours of Lord Of The Rings extended edition, that's how.
Regina: Because *that's* reliable source material.
Emma: Said the Evil Queen to the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.
Regina: Point taken.

Emma: Hey Belle I--
Belle: Alright, what is it this time? Someone else missing? I can make more locator potion.
Emma: No it's not--
Belle: Or do you need me to do some research? We can head down to the library. Just let me get my coat.
Emma: Research? No I--
Belle: Well I can let you borrow whatever magical item you want but you'll have to make sure you get it back before--
Emma: Belle! I don't need anything. I just wanted to know how you're doing what with the whole Zelena situation and the Neal situation and the million other situations going on right now. It's been rough on everybody.
Belle: So you burst into the shop and you don't need a favor from me.
Emma: No.
Belle: Not even a little one.
Emma: No.
Belle: Huh. That's new.